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A mess gnome and an unexpected gues (Netvarkos nykštukas ir netikėtas svečias)

In a cozy house on the moon, the Chaos Dwarf lived peacefully. He dreamed the sweetest dreams in HIS crib, loved to bathe in HIS bath, cook HIMSELF breakfast and take care of HIS monster Tingiu Ne Krust. But one day a barrel wandered into his house and disrupted the usual life of the Chaos Dwarf. Now I had to SHARE not only the bath, the kitchen or the crib, but also my best friends.

A new - hilarious and inspiring - Clutter Dwarf story about SHARING being much more fun than owning it all alone. A fairy tale read together becomes more interesting, and chewy buns are much tastier...

Lina Zutaute is an artist and the author of picture books for the smallest readers, best known for her stories about Kakė Makė: "Kake Make and the Dwarf of the Net" (in April 2011, this book was chosen as the best book for the smallest reader), "Kake Make and runaway ears", " Kake Make and the big dark" and "Kake Make and the birthday of dreams" and others. Ever since the stories about Kake Make were written down, this character has managed to become a kind of brand. And the author, talking about how the character of the crazy girl and her adventures was born, says that she didn't want to be an aunt who pokes children with her finger, so she decided to simply create instructive, funny stories, which she herself illustrates. Currently, children of not only Lithuania, but also Russia, Denmark, Latvia and South Korea are already reading about the adventures of Kakės Makes. Well, L. Zutautė in 2014. was awarded the Children's Literature Prize in April.

A mess gnome and an unexpected gues (Netvarkos nykštukas ir netikėtas svečias)

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