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Book. Kake Make and Dream Birthday (Kake Make ir svajoniu gimtadienis). LT

A birthday is a special day of the year. On that day, a person feels uplifted, excited, sometimes restless. And for children, the time approaching their birthday is particularly exciting, full of imaginary situations and possible gift scenarios, so you can get all kinds of emotions: from the most pleasant to... irritation and even anger. And this is normal.

This book is about the power of a child's imagination, about such a strong belief in miracles that when you are around, you yourself start to dream, believe and see the sweet fulfillment of your dreams before your eyes!

 "This is the REALEST picture book that helps parents believe in their children's dreams, and children believe in their parents' dreams!" Every illustration is full of love. There is something unexpected on every page.

Lina Žutautė offers a great topic for a conversation between children and parents. Your little ones will not only hear the adventure told by the author, but maybe also a story about your own childhood. Such a conversation is a bridge between two worlds, allowing children to feel important and loved. Because only such people are read and told about. Only with people important to them do adults talk about how they did when they were little too. Children experiencing this invite not only their own childhood heroes, but also their parents' to their birthdays," says Vytis Valantinas, child psychologist.

Kake Kake's picture books are a series of books about a five-year-old girl who enjoys her childhood and tries to get to know the whole world around her! While getting to know him, the heroine faces various situations and challenges - fear, jealousy, anger, laziness. Unexpected stories, told with the help of a lot of unique illustrations, do not moralize, but help to arouse the child's imagination and encourage him to find the right answer himself. These are books that will help you negotiate with the child in difficult situations, develop the child's daily habits and develop his emotional intelligence.

Author and illustrator Lina Zutaute is an artist and writer of children's books, born and still living in Siauliai. The first author's book "Kake Make and Netvarkos nykstukas" appeared in 2010. and was recognized as the best book for young readers by the International Association of Literature for Children and Young Adults (IBBY). in 2013 Lina Zutauta was awarded the children's literature prize for her work for children, for the combination of image and word. The author's work has been translated into Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean and many other languages.

Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

Book. Kake Make and Dream Birthday (Kake Make ir svajoniu gimtadienis). LT

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