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Book. Kake Make and Messy Dwarf (Kake Make ir netvarkos nykstukas). LT

The book "Kake Make and the Dwarf of the Mess" is the first book in the series of Kakė Makė books. It's the story of the Clutter Dwarf and children's toys that are strewn about and disappear. Where? You will find out after reading this wonderful book. You will also learn how adults can help children form the right daily habits. Maintaining order is one of them. The Clutter Dwarf will reveal important secrets to adults that adults often forget and will help develop children's emotional intelligence. This book was quickly loved not only by children, but also by parents. It has become an excellent educational tool that has helped a large number of Lithuanian parents to solve the problems of clutter.

The work was favorably evaluated by critics of children's literature - in 2010 this book was recognized as the best book of the year for the youngest readers by the IBBY (International Board of Literature for Children and Young Adults).

What do parents say about this book?

- A great book for a child, a very cool book, I have to read it several times a day, because my daughter is obsessed with this charming character. Also, the book about the Chaos Dwarf is a very good parenting tool.

- My daughter received this book "Käke Makë and the Messy Dwarf" as a gift. We read every night. A very effective story. There is little text, but there are plenty of illustrations, so there is room for parents' imaginations, as well as children's. I was surprised, I did not expect to be impressed.

Kake Kake's picture books are a series of books about a five-year-old girl who enjoys her childhood and tries to get to know the whole world around her! While getting to know him, the heroine faces various situations and challenges - fear, jealousy, anger, laziness. Unexpected stories, told with the help of a lot of unique illustrations, do not moralize, but help to arouse the child's imagination and encourage him to find the right answer himself.

The author and illustrator of the book, Lina Zutaute, is an artist and writer of children's books, who was born and still lives in Siauliai. The first author's book "Kake Make and Netvarkos nykstukas" appeared in 2010. and was recognized as the best book for young readers by the International Association of Literature for Children and Young Adults (IBBY). in 2013 Lina Zutauta was awarded the children's literature prize for her work for children, for the combination of image and word. The author's work has been translated into Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean and many other languages.

 Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

Book. Kake Make and Messy Dwarf (Kake Make ir netvarkos nykstukas). LT

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