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Book. Kake Make and stolen time (Kake Make ir pavogtas laikas). LT

Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

Mom is spinning non-stop in the kitchen, dad is engrossed in the computer, grandma is chatting with her friends. All of them don't have time for Kake Maka, so what is she to do? After all, she is bored. And anyway... where does family time go? Maybe they were bewitched by an evil wizard? Maybe time was swallowed by a terribly hungry dragon? Or maybe robbers came to the house and packed it in bags and took it away all the time?
Kakė Makė is determined to return the stolen time to her parents and grandmother. After all, she knows what needs to be done, she read a lot of books, drew from their wisdom and imagination.

Kake Maka will succeed, and when you have a task like this, there's never a dull moment!

"This book is a picture of the lack of time captured through the eyes of a child. It's a great illustration of what goes on in a child's mind when adults are bogged down in their work and trying to focus and get out of it."

Psychologist Asta Blandė

"Käke Mäke and Stolen Time":

• enriches the vocabulary;
• develops emotional intelligence and develops imagination;
• emphasizes the benefits of reading books;
• teaches to observe what adults do, where and why time disappears;
• teaches to use creativity in solving various tasks;
• promotes understanding that household and other adult work is important and necessary, but time for games and being together is also needed.

What do parents say about the book?

"This book, I think, is not so much for the child as for the parents to understand where that time disappears. Nowadays, we are in a hurry everywhere, we do everything quickly or leave everything "for later". Adults are used to postponing everything: not now, but later, when I will do this and that. Children behave completely differently: if they want to eat - they want now, if they want to play - he plays now, he wants to go outside - that means he wants to now. I think we need to be children as often as possible and spend more time with children."
Mother Fire

Kake Kake picture books - a very popular series of books about a five-year-old girl who enjoys her childhood and tries to get to know the world around her! And while getting to know him, the heroine gets into various situations and experiences fear, jealousy, anger, and laziness. Unexpected stories, told with the help of an abundance of unique illustrations, do not moralize, but help to stimulate the child's imagination and encourage him to find the right answer himself.

Lina Zutaute is an artist and writer loved by children, born and still living in Siauliai. The author's first book "Kake Make ir Netvarkos nykstukas" appeared in 2010 and was recognized as the best book for young readers by the International Children and Youth Literature Association (IBBY). In 2013, Lina Zutauta was awarded the children's literature prize for her work for children, for the harmony of images and words. The author's work has been translated into Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean and many other languages.Having created one of the most famous Lithuanian literary characters - Kake Make - the author never ceases to surprise young readers with new stories!

Book. Kake Make and stolen time (Kake Make ir pavogtas laikas). LT

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