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Book. Kake Make and superdad day (Kake Make ir supertecio diena).LT

"Blinosaurus" or "blynakonda" - this is only part of the creativity that unfolds when fathers are alone with their children. This book is about a special relationship between a child and a father, which fills the child's life with new and unexpected experiences, a different way of seeing the world and allowing one to experience balance. With dads, children are more likely to take risks, experiment and overcome their fears. The world of fathers is different from that of mothers, so it is a blessing to know both of them in your life - this gives you the opportunity to feel the balance.

Kake Kake knows that all fathers in the world are special and have magical powers, it's just that sometimes extreme conditions are needed to reveal those qualities. A stay-at-home dad is forced to become a super dad, a man on whose shoulders rests all the joys and worries of mischievous Kakė Makek. Super dads know exactly how to set the right example, what are the most beautiful words of encouragement and how to turn everyday tasks into a game!

What do parents say about the book?

- Really a very good book. Interesting, finally a lot has been written about dad. The topic is good, the teaching is good, there are many details - equal to the first two books.

- Wonderful book, I bought it for my 3-year-old son. He liked it so much that he wants more. Favorite bedtime book.

Kake Kake's picture books are a series of books about a five-year-old girl who enjoys her childhood and tries to get to know the whole world around her! While getting to know him, the heroine faces various situations and challenges - fear, jealousy, anger, laziness. Unexpected stories, told with the help of a lot of unique illustrations, do not moralize, but help to arouse the child's imagination and encourage him to find the right answer himself. These are books that will help you negotiate with the child in difficult situations, develop the child's daily habits and develop his emotional intelligence.

Author and illustrator Lina Zutaute is an artist and writer of children's books, born and still living in Siauliai. The first author's book "Kake Makë and Netvarkos nýštukas" appeared in 2010. and was recognized as the best book for young readers by the International Association of Literature for Children and Young Adults (IBBY). in 2013 Lina Zutauta was awarded the children's literature prize for her work for children, for the combination of image and word. The author's work has been translated into Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean and many other languages.

Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

Book. Kake Make and superdad day (Kake Make ir supertecio diena).LT

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