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Book. Kake Make and the terrible injustice (Kake Make ir baisi neteisybe). LT

Both young and old readers will recognize themselves in the booklet "Kake Make and terrible injustice". It's not easy and unpleasant to face a terrible injustice, and a real day of justice can be a lot of fun. After all, friendship helps to overcome all challenges! "Kake Make and the terrible injustice" is a book about the feeling of jealousy that sometimes visits children and the lessons we must learn in order to be able to control this unpleasant feeling.

Kake Kake's picture books are a series of books about a five-year-old girl who enjoys her childhood and tries to get to know the whole world around her! And while getting to know him, the heroine faces various situations and challenges - fear, jealousy, anger, laziness. Unexpected stories, told with the help of a lot of unique illustrations, do not moralize, but help to arouse the child's imagination and encourage him to find the right answer himself.

"Kake Make talks about big and important things in a simple and comprehensible way for every child. I am happy to see that the story told in the new book is another relevant topic - how not to give in to the feeling of jealousy that destroys all the fun. What is going on in the child's heart at that time, how should one behave when jealousy takes over and they want to do something wrong? At the same time, another important topic is discussed - what is an apology? Just uttered meaningless words or something more? I believe this book will reveal important topics to children, and it will help parents to communicate with their little ones even better and more effectively, to deal with various everyday situations", says Milda Karklytė-Palevičienė, child psychologist, founder and manager of the children's psychology center "Laimingas Vaikas".

"I loved this short and instructive story about jealousy and children's feelings. It's nice that by reading Kake Make's books to our children, we can think, realize and learn something new together. The values ​​fostered by Kakė Makė are very important and relevant. This story perfectly taught all of us how not to be jealous, how to live a friendly life and share that joy with everyone", Sotera Sveikauskaite, the founder of the blog "Babyblog", shares her opinion.

The author and illustrator of the book, Lina Zutaute, is an artist and writer of children's books, who was born and still lives in Siauliai. The first author's book "Kake Make and Netvarkos nykstukas" appeared in 2010. and was recognized as the best book for young readers by the International Association of Literature for Children and Young Adults (IBBY). in 2013 Lina Zutauta was awarded the children's literature prize for her work for children, for the combination of image and word. The author's work has been translated into Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Korean and many other languages.

Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

 If your little ones like Kake Make and her friends, we invite you to extend the familiarization trips in video format by watching Kake Make's shows on the YOUTUBE channel:

Book. Kake Make and the terrible injustice (Kake Make ir baisi neteisybe). LT

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