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BROLIU MEDUS Bee polen 200g

Bee pollen means the aroma of summer flowers in your home and a summery mood in your heart.

Bee pollen is a magic dust for both the young and old! Especially aromatic and sweet as candy, pollen will not only make your life sweeter, it will also give you an energy boost, make you more productive, improve your mood and general sense of well-being, no matter how old you are.

Where does bee pollen come from?

Bees collect pollen as they fly from plant to plant harvesting nectar. Because the bee’s body is very furry, small particles stick to them, and thus tiny balls of pollen start to form on the bee’s legs. The bee leaves some of this pollen on the plants it visits, pollinating them and contributing to their harvest, while some it brings back home to the hive, where the bees use it as food. In the hive, the pollen is used to make bee bread. They are compressed in the cells of the honeycomb and sealed with honey. In order to collect this pollen, beekeepers use a special mesh at the entrance of the hive that combs some of the pollen granules off the bees’ legs. The granules are collected in a special collection chamber. The beekeeper can then simply pour the pollen into a clean container, dry it and package it.

Benefits of bee pollen

Bee pollen is most valued for its rich nutrient content. Because the pollen has so much of what is necessary to begin life (the ultimate purpose of pollen), it is very nutritious and has some of the cleanest vitamins and microelements. So bee pollen can help replenish the body’s nutrient stores, especially during the colder season. Besides, pollen is a great reminder of summer, dispersing anxious thoughts and allowing us to be more positive.


20 g (a tablespoon) is the recommended daily dose for an adult. Children can eat as many granules as they have years to their name. For a comprehensive description of how to consume bee pollen, go to our blog.

Storage. In order to keep the granules from sticking together and losing their flavour, aroma and consistency, we recommend keeping it in a cool and dry place.

Bee pollen is a magic dust

BROLIU MEDUS Bee polen 200g

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