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BROLIU MEDUS Buckwheat honey 500g

Buckwheat honey is nature’s elixir of youth. The richest honey for those who appreciate great quality and nutritional value.

With its rich flavour, pleasant texture and memorable aroma, buckwheat honey is one of the most nutritious honeys. Of all the types of honey sold in Lithuania, it is this honey that has the greatest antioxidant and iron content. These properties make Lithuanian buckwheat honey a valuable product in the international market. Because the human body can absorb almost all of the nutrients contained in honey, this type of honey is especially recommended for those who suffer from anaemia or wish to bolster their nervous system.

This honey is produced when beehives are placed by fields of buckwheat. The larger the buckwheat fields surrounding the hives are, the purer the honey the bees produce. Unfortunately, under natural circumstances, we cannot produce honey harvested from a single plant species — after all, you can’t tell a bee where to harvest its nectar and where not to.

True buckwheat honey is dark brown and has a distinct after-taste that takes some getting used to. It’s often the case that either it becomes a person’s favourite type of honey or the exact opposite — their least favourite. To us, its after-taste reminds us of burnt caramel or simply a sweet dessert.

This honey is best consumed on its own or used as a sweetener for tea. Aside from that, a teaspoon of buckwheat honey dissolved in warm water with a touch of lemon can serve as an alternative for a mild herbal tea. If you like a spiced latte, try putting a bit of this honey into a cup of coffee with milk — it will give your drink a light wintery flavour. As far as winter discoveries go, you can also use this honey as an alternative for sugar when baking.

We recommend keeping the honey in a cool dark place.

Take pleasure in this unusual, pleasantly caramel-like honey and its rich consistency. Give buckwheat honey as a gift to those you wish to send some warm moments and good health. Treat your guests and create a cosy atmosphere.

Let true Lithuanian honey pass from family to family, and the warmth we have put into making it pass from heart to heart!

BROLIU MEDUS Buckwheat honey 500g

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