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BROLIU MEDUS Honey with ginger and lemon 200g

An exotic and sinfully delicious honey for those longing for something different.

Ingredients: honey 92%, freeze-dried lemons 5%, freeze-dried ginger 3%.

A sweetly exotic flavour with a slight sourness makes the flavour of honey almost unrecognisable. We have no doubt that even the greatest sceptics with a honey aversion will enjoy this contemporary combination and flavour palette. And while you delight in this honey treat, your body will be absorbing a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants that will help overcome all kinds of colds. In winter, ginger will not only help you speed up your metabolism, it’ll also serve as a dose of warmth.

It would be a true sin not to try this honey treat on its own – it’s simply a great dessert.

BROLIU MEDUS Honey with ginger and lemon 200g

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