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BROLIU MEDUS Spring honey — spring flower honey 1000g

Spring flower honey brings good cheer and the warmth of the spring sun to your home all year round!

Bees make spring honey from the nectar they collect from garden and meadow flowers, typically dandelions and rapeseed flowers Springtime honey can be a powerful weapon in the fight against colds because this honey has many antibacterial properties. It is also believed to be the least allergenic, so this is the honey to start with for kids who have not yet tasted honey.

Spring honey is white honey. Well, almost white — a soft ivory colour, to be precise. It has a viscous consistency and sets quickly, yet its texture is creamy and it has almost no after-taste. If you like to cook and want a healthier alternative to sugar, this honey is a great choice, especially if you want to add the specific flavour of honey to your meal (like when cooking with buckwheat honey).

Even our forefathers knew about the useful properties of this honey. Not only was it a common treatment for colds, they also used it as a salve for treating wounds, for disorders of the digestive tract, depression and much more. t. The honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a natural antibacterial component that prevents microorganisms from reproducing and stimulates wound healing. These properties make it a good ingredient in cosmetics and home-made skincare products: it soothes and nourishes the skin without making it oily and is suitable for different skin types.

Spring honey is the bees’ first honey harvest of the season. The exact composition is known only to the bees themselves — science has yet to crack this mystery. One thing is clear though: this honey will have a slightly different composition in every single honeycomb, even more so on different honey farms. The bee farmer can only hazard an approximate guess as to what component is predominant in the nectar (fruit tree blossoms, rapeseed or meadow flowers) based on where the beehives are located.

White spring honey is probably the most uplifting type of honey, best at dispersing negative thoughts. With every taste you can just about feel the early budding of garden flowers, the heat of the sun, the bite of the spring wind and the buzzing of bees.

Add some sweetness to your day with a spoonful of honey and stay young, lively, healthy and happy! Give the gift of spring honey to your close ones, friends and those who you wish to thank — after all there’s no greater gift than heartfelt care for another!

Let true Lithuanian honey pass from family to family, and the warmth we have put into making it pass from heart to heart!

BROLIU MEDUS Spring honey — spring flower honey 1000g

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