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Heart-Shaped Waffle Pan

This pan is manufactured from aluminium.

Before using the pan for the first time:

 Once the pan is unpacked, wash it with a soft sponge in warm soapy water. Rinse it well and dry it with a soft cloth.

How to use it:

 Aluminium pans gain heat quickly, so there is no need for high temperature. Set the medium heat of your stove.

First, heat the oil on both sides of the pan for 2 minutes and only then pour the pancakes batter.

During the frying process, please, use wooden or plastic paddles. Do not use metal utensils as the aluminium pan is not resistant to scratches.

Cleaning and maintenance:

            Remember to let the pan cool before cleaning it, since cold water on hot pan may result in surface deformations due to sudden changes of the temperature.

            It is not recommended to wash the pan in the dishwasher.

            After using always clean the pan thoroughly with hand wash detergents.

            Do not use metal scrubbers or utensils which might scratch the surface.

            If you want to clean a scorched pan, leave the pan in the warm water with detergent and allow it to swell.


            Be careful when using a hot pan in order to prevent from injuries.

            Take safety measures when frying, i.e. never leave the pan without care and make sure the handles are not placed above the hot hob as they can get hot. If you are cooking on a gas stove reduce the heat so that the handles do not get hot.

            Do not leave an empty pan on the hob as it takes only 3 minutes for the empty aluminium pan to gain heat of up to 300°C. Due to the high temperature the remaining fat can burn fast and result in pitch tars.

Heart-Shaped Waffle Pan

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