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"Trrrtrrrrrr", - from now on, not only mom and dad's phones are ringing in the house!

Both a toy and an educational tool for little hands and big imaginations! A few clicks and you're already talking to Kakė Makek's friends. Who will you call first?

Does the child keep grabbing your phone and trying to call his grandmother, cousin, Kake Maka and all his friends? No problem! The audio book "Kakes Makes phone" is a great book and a game in one! This phone has a sound button that, when pressed, will play 5 different melodies, so your child can call their real or imaginary friends. The phone also has numbers from 0 to 9, so it a great tool to help introduce little ones to numbers.

"Kakes Makes phone" is made of thick cardboard, so unlike ordinary phones, it is resistant to shocks and scratches! For this reason, the phone is especially safe for children from one year of age.


SKU: 771
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