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KAKE MAKE Protective lip pencil 4g

Children's skin needs special care, especially dandruff. The delicate, thin, easily damaged skin of children's lips suffers from cold, wind, sun or moisture, so it is necessary to protect the little ones so that their lips do not dry out and become painfully cracked. Our BIOK LAB products specially developed for children's skin care are combinations of natural materials and modern solutions, balanced to perfectly protect and ensure comprehensive care for the sensitive skin of children's lips.

Lip pencils and balms for children create a protective layer, so the lips are not so sensitive to the effects of the environment. Natural ingredients moisturize and nourish the skin to make it more resilient and firm. Lip protectors are perfect for everyday use, applied before going out or at home to combat the effects of dry air.

KAKE MAKE Protective lip pencil 4g

SKU: 737
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