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BROLIU MEDUS Linden honey – summer flower honey 1000g

Of all the different types of honey, linden honey has absorbed the most sunlight. A tried and tested favourite. If you’ve never taken an interest in types of honey, then linden honey is probably what you call real honey.

Raw Lithuanian honey saturated with midsummer sunlight for your better mood, longevity and happiness.

Have you ever tasted the flavour of summer? It’s already here! Packaged in a very convenient little jar for sneaking spoonfuls. Midsummer honey has a light aroma, delicate flavour and is ideally suited to sweetening various herbal teas. Because linden blossom nectar is the predominant component, this honey, according to experts of Lithuanian folk medicine, can help temper a fever, strengthen the immune system and positively affect the health and reproductive systems of women of different ages.

Linden tree honey is slightly darker and more yellow than rapeseed or spring honey, but lighter than forest honey. It crystallizes at a medium rate and sets with a nice frost-like finish by the time autumn rolls in. Linden honey, just like spring honey, does not have a strong after-taste, so it works very well for cooking or simply sweetening coffee. Its lightness and creamy consistency suits both children and adults.

In folk medicine, the medicinal properties of linden tree honey have been known for thousands of years. The composition of linden tree honey encompasses a wide range of nutrients. It contains many different micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, hydrogen peroxide and many other valuable components. Nutritionally speaking, honey is most effective when it is sucked slowly. It can also be mixed into some warm water or another beverage.

Harvested in a timely fashion and suitably matured, honey does not spoil, however, we recommend keeping it in a dark and cool place.

Dip into it with a cucumber stick, spread it onto a biscuit, use it to sweeten baked goods, simply lick it off a spoon or even give some to your pet to enjoy. We hope that a spoonful of linden tree honey will lift your spirits and make your thoughts and your life that much sweeter.

Let true Lithuanian honey pass from family to family, and the warmth we have put into making it pass from heart to heart!

BROLIU MEDUS Linden honey – summer flower honey 1000g

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