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RINGUVA X concentrated stain remover with gall 200ml

The highly concentrated RINGUVA X stain remover with bile is a real revolution in fabric cleaning. Its innovative composition contains as many as three different types of natural new-generation enzymes and bile. Active bile acids break down fats and other dirt into small particles, so the cleaner penetrates even deeper into the fabric and removes various types of stains, not only fresh, but also old ones: blood, sweat, coffee, tea, make-up, rust, milk, fat, oil , fruit, wine, vegetables and others. Perfect for white and colored fabrics of all types.

The unique composition is friendly to people and the environment.
Unlike many cleaners, RINGUVA X Bile Stain Remover does not contain active chemicals such as chlorine, peroxide, solvents or dyes, so it does not harm or discolor the fabric. The cleaner is light, compact, mild and gentle, so it is perfect for both hand washing and automatic washing machines. In addition, it does not emit an unpleasant smell and, most importantly, it is effective!

With a special brush.
In order to make the cleaning process even more efficient and convenient, the package contains a special, new generation brush that helps to clean stains and remove worn particles of material fibers. Therefore, the fabric looks renewed after cleaning. RINGUVA X extra concentrated stain remover with bile, 2012 awarded the title of Lithuanian product of the year, it is a natural and effective stain remover for those who want the best result.

Composition: 5-15% anionic surfactant, 5-15% nonionic surfactant, <5% soap, bile, enzymes, preservative (Magnesium Nitrate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone).

RINGUVA X concentrated stain remover with gall 200ml

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