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State (historical) flag of Lithuania

State historical flag of Lithuania. Flag size 100x170 cm., sewn from high quality 100% polyester. Flag fastening with pocket and laces. The flag is made in Lithuania.

Flag storage and care conditions If you want the flag to last as long as possible, please read the following recommendations: 1. The flag must hang freely, away from mechanical obstacles (trees, buildings, other poles, etc.). 2. Clean the flags preventively - wash once every 2-3 weeks, do not wait until the flag is stained so much that it will be difficult to wash it. 3. If the flag is used in unfavorable conditions (polluted environment, proximity to transport hubs), it is recommended to wash the flags weekly. 4.If the flag is slightly damaged, please repair it immediately, otherwise the product will become unstable. 5. IMPORTANT: in case of 60 km/h wind, lower the flag to the middle of the mast, if the wind gusts are stronger than 60 km/h, remove the flag from the mast/pole! Cleaning flags 1. Flags can be washed in all automatic washing machines at a temperature of 40 °C, using high-quality detergents. Clean stronger dirt with your hands, carefully. Before the main wash, perform a pre-wash and rinse to remove dust and soot. 2.Rinse the washed flag until the water becomes clear. 3.Drill or immediately put on the stem/stem. Indoor flags can be ironed at the appropriate temperature for the material. 4. Do not clean with gasoline or dry cleaning. Some cleaners can negatively affect colors.

State (historical) flag of Lithuania

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