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ZOLYNELIS Bathers tea 50g

The Lithuanian tradition of visiting a sauna goes back to the oldest, perhaps even the Stone Age. Baths were especially important for our ancestors. In addition to washing, various rites and initiations were performed here, those coming into this world were welcomed and those leaving were seen off, people sought peace, refreshment and health here. Sauna procedures strengthen, harden and cleanse the body. Pleasant warmth, water, contrasts, shingles, various procedures help to relax, improve mood, brighten and tighten the skin. A particularly large variety of plants are used in the Lithuanian sauna. They are used to tie shingles, prepare decoctions, infusions, natural hair and skin care products, and, of course, make fragrant herbal tea that warms the body and soul.

Fermented willow grass - 50% linden flowers - 30% yarrow grass - 15% birch leaves - 5%

ZOLYNELIS Bathers tea 50g

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